Sweet Silver Creations
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Bud Vase    $23
Candle / Soap / Tea Bag / Holder                 $28
Toothpick Holder   $18
Wind Song Chimes              $55   & Up


Beaded Leather & Silver     $Prices vary

Beaded Bracelet

  $52 & Up
Beaded Bracelets     $52 & Up
State Quarter Bracelet     $52
Cuff Bracelet    $62
Beaded Bookmark     $16
Cell Phone Fob   $5
Earrings  / Plain 




Easel      $13
Tea Pot Lamp      $65 & Up
Lapel Vase     $15
Napkin Rings Set of Four      $24

Ring:  Sterling Silver

             Sterling Plated      



Medallions     (without Omega necklace)




Pendant    (without chain)     


Single Slide      (without omega chain)     


Triple Slide     (without omega chain)






Watch /  Place / Business Card Holder    


Zipper Pull   $5
Hook     $5
Fan Pull    $16
Not Shown:
  Money Clip   $15
  Key Ring   $15
  Key Finder Key Ring   $18
  Multi Patterned Bracelet   $58
  Child's Pendant     ( without chain)     $14 
  Beaded Earrings                 $36
  Silver & Swarovski Bracelet             $58
  Big & Beautiful Sterling Bracelet        $74
  Souvenir Spoon Bracelet   $66
  Hair Clip   $18
  Beaded Single Slides   Priced Individually
  Beaded Pendants   Priced Individually
  Vintage & Vintage Bracelet...crystal or rhinestone pieces instead of a bead. And necklaces fashioned from rhinestones and silverware.   Priced Individually
  NEW FOR FALL.......STAMPED PIECES                                                           

Plant Markers, Wine Bottle Tags, "Spoon Talk" Key Rings, Butter Knives,  Cheese Markers, Bride & Groom Cake Forks and Salsa Spoons stamped with Hot & Mild.    

  Ponytail Holders made from pie servers with a stick created from the handle of an ice tea spoon   $20
  Hair Sticks   $8
  Sterling silver chains and omega necklaces are available with purchase of pendants or slides.  Prices vary, call for price.    

Also, please visit the stores below for Sweet Silver 

Prices are slightly higher in stores......

The Handcrafter's Barn,  Main St.,  North Conway, NH www.handcraftersbarn.com

The Vintage Bricoleur, Grand Opening December 2, 2011 at the www.highhand.com on Taylor Rd in Loomis.  Come see us at the Open House on Friday evening,   4 - 6 PM